USA Science & Engineering Festival

April 6-8, 2018

The Walter E. Washington Convention Center was once again the host for the Worlds's largest celebration of Science, Technology, Education, and Math (STEM) . Over a three day period, more than 350,000 people attended the more than 3,000 exhibitions that covered the entire 2.3 million square feet of exhibition space. The Carnegie Institution, as always, manned a booth that displayed some of the more exciting ideas that could captivate young people. Carnegie's displays were organized this year by Natasha Metzler (Headquarters) and Michelle Scholtes (GL).

One of the activities was organized by Steve Shirey who gave budding young scientists a chance to look at real natural diamonds, weigh them to determine their carat weight and see what their host kimberlite rock looks like. This activity provided the opportunity to explain why diamonds are important to research as shown in the handout below that was given the young people.

✦ Center: Two diamond crystals and four faceted diamonds (VRL# 80997) Photo by Robert Weldon. © 2009 GIA.

✦ Lower left: Diamond octahedral crystal in kimberlite matrix (VRL# 157869) Photo by Robert Weldon. © 2014 GIA