Method Development

Close-up of inductively-coupled plasma source of the iCap Q quadrupole mass spectrometer, Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group, EPL. (photo: Steve Shirey)

Relevant Publications

Rapid synchrotron method for mapping and characterizing inclusions in diamond

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In-situ X-ray analysis of mineral inclusions in diamond

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Laboratory glove contamination

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Dissolution and identification method for nanophase PGE hosts in altered peridotite

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Standard addition for Fe-Ni-Cu bulk composition of single sulfide inclusions

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In-situ laser ablation analysis for boron isotopic composition

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Single sulfide grain analysis for Re-Os isotopic analysis

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Sample digestion and sample-spike equilibration for Re-Os and PGE

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Multiple ion detection and simultaneous ion collection

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Cation column calibration

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TIMS mass spectrometer automation

Flux-fusion whole-rock dissolution for Nd isotopic analysis

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