Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Group

✦ Cameca IMS 6F ion microprobe of the Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group, EPL. (photo: Steve Shirey)

EPL's Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group

“The Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Group —united by their ability to exploit sophisticated analytical instruments— is expert in the discovery and characterization of presolar grains; the chemistry and chronology of early solar system material, including meteorites, interplanetary dusk particles (IDPs), and samples from cometary and planetary bodies; chemical processing on Earth associated with early global differentiation, continent formation, and subduction; and dynamical mixing in the Earth's mantle revealed by products of mantle melting.” (Former Director, Sean Solomon, describing the Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group to Carnegie Science trustees)

The Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group currently is composed of four scientific staff members, Conel Alexander, Larry Nittler, Anat Shahar, and Steven Shirey, two emeritus scientific staff members, Rick Carlson and Fouad Tera, chemistry lab manager, Michelle Jordan, mass spectrometer lab manager, Tim Mock, senior research scientist and SIMS lab manager, Jianhua Wang, and diamond specialist, Janina Czas. In 2018, tragically, our group lost long-time staff member Erik Hauri. Our current postdoctoral fellows in Geochemistry are James Dottin (University of Maryland, College Park) and Peng Ni (University of Michigan). Our current postdoctoral fellows in Cosmochemistry are Jens Barosch (University of Cologne) and Zachary Torrano (Arizona State University).

A Sustained Record of Groundbreaking Research

From 1982–2022, Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Group scientific staff authored 70 papers in Science and Nature —the world's most highly cited journals known for publishing groundbreaking research —averaging just under 2 articles a year for 40 years straight! (These figures exclude the 20 "News & Views" and "Comments" articles that are not peer reviewed and critique the science of others.)

Authorship is spread out within the group [Alexander (12), Carlson (21), Hauri (14), Nittler (19), Shirey (17), Shahar (2), Tera (3)]. This accomplishment highlights the intellectual vitality of our group and the Carnegie Institution for Science model for carrying out scientific research. Here is a list of these 70 papers with links to their PDF's.

Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group Papers in Science and Nature

(Thanks to EPL Librarian Shaun Hardy for compiling this list.)

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