Available Facilities

✦ Cameca 6F ion microprobe of the Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group, DTM. (photo: Steve Shirey)

Analytical facilities available to Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry Group

TIMS: Thermo-Fisher Triton

ICP-MS: Nu Plasma HR, Nu Plasma II, Thermo iCap Qc, Photon Machines Analyte-193 Laser

SIMS: NanoSIMS 50L, Cameca IMS 6f

SEM: JOEL SX-6500,

WITH GL: JOEL Field Emission EPMA, Zeiss Auriga SEM, FEI plasma FIB, WiTec confocal Raman

CHEMISTRY LABS: Multiple clean-room facility equipped for all aspects of sample preparation

SUPPORTING LABS: Optical microscopy lab, microsampling, rock room, machine shop, electronics lab

An recent extended description of these analytical facilities can be found on the DTM web page here.